About Us

Rasoikakhana is revolutionizing the way people eat, allowing the convenience of having your favorite restaurants delivered directly to you at Train, home, office, or event. Until recently, people who wanted food delivered other than the traditional Chinese or Pizza have had to pick up themselves. For occasions where people needed to feed a large group, the options were limited unless you wanted to pay a huge premium to have a professional catering service handle it.Rasoikakhana now allows people to get what they want (select from their favorite restaurants), where they want (home, office, hotel, event, beach, hospital …), when they want (order now or place for future delivery), and how they want it (delivered, picked-up, dine-in).

Rasoikakhana has taken a concept, created a system, tested that system, improved upon that system, then tested that system and improved upon it some more. Rasoikakhana knows that to be the best, involves the ability to adapt, change, and listen to our customers. It is only recently with breakthroughs and affordability of technology involved in the Restaurant Delivery Service (RDS) industry that this type of business has been able to thrive and offer everything previous RDS’s have failed to deliver. Our motto is to “Deliver the food you crave for” and we will continue to deliver on our promise for as long as we exist!